September 22nd, 2006

eurydice james: pepperlandgirl4

The Good and the Bad

Good: Craig is home!

Bad: The shit hit the fan last night with the system crashing every 10 minutes so he's going to be working all night. And all weekend.

Good: Kane announced an acoustic concert in LA in October! There's even a Meet & Greet afterward!

Bad: The M&G is only for VIP and Fearless pass holders for the BE Scared con that is going on. And since I'd be the only going from a con, I'd just hang in the back and gawp in silence. And feel hugely fat.

Good: They're selling tickets at the door for $15 for the general public. So I can still go and hear them.

Bad: Supposedly, this is their last concert for 2006, so if I don't see them now, I won't until next year.

Good: I finished a 10,000-word short story called "The Ice Butterfly" for submission for Phaze's Snuggler Heatsheets. And I love my hero.

Bad: It's not really a romance - though it is erotic - and I don't know if it fits their criteria.

Good: Did I mention Craig is home? :D