September 9th, 2006

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Saturday morning on the QM

So...Saturday morning. It's 10:20 am, I've been up since 7 and didn't go to bed until 2:30 because I was hanging out talking until the wee hours with ghostgirl13, spikesgurl, _sharvie_, and oanimation. I am so dumb. However, ice cold Diet Mountain Dew for breakfast does wonders for waking you up. :)

This morning were the photo ops with James. These are the ones he's doing in a tux, and as I'm in the first row, I knew I'd be going very close to 9:30 when they started. So, the plan was to get dressed up, go, come back and change to get comfortable. Which is exactly what I did, lol.

Unfortunately, I was the 2nd person to get her picture taken this morning. James was still waking up, though looking wonderful and incredibly gracious as always, saying how beautiful my dress was, how everybody was going to make him look bad because we looked so much better than him, etc. I think he told someone right after me that his tux this morning was actually his and the one last night was a rental. Or vice versa. It wasn't said to me, so I'm not 100% sure, lol.

The photographer is taking pics paparazzi style without a tripod or anything and took a good half dozen so I'm sure there will be at least one good one in the bunch. We're supposed to get those back tonight. The welcome is supposed to start very soon, but I'm not sure how much I'm going to do this morning. I really should look at the schedule a little bit closer, lol.

The one bad thing about going so close to the beginning is they were showing ASH's pilot that he did recently for everybody who was waiting! I only got glimpses; I'm so upset. I hope they show it again.

OK, I better go see what's going on. I'll be back. I know I will. :)
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I'm weak. I bought another photo op with James in casual wear. I completely blame ghostgirl13 because we were both saying this morning that we have too many pictures with James to be spending the money, and then less than hour later I caught her giving money to oanimation to get her another op! So I caved. She didn't even have to do anything more than say, "You should do it," and I was handing over my money.

I missed the Q&A's with Fury and DeKnight/casting lady from Smallville. I cued up to get autographs for Jane and Steve DeKnight and then had to get my photo with James. *But* I got to give print copies of "Chains of Jericho" to Jane and Steve and tell them thank you for being part of the phenomenon that got me writing again. I'm going to give David and James copies tomorrow. And Jane was so sweet, saying how she completely understood because her boyfriend's first book just came out, and how they get online to Amazon every day to see how it's doing, etc, lol. I came into the lobby here to get online and ended up sitting 6 feet away from her, listening to her talk on the phone about some writing project and seeing that she's using my gift bag to carry her stuff around. :)

James Q&A starts in 15 minutes, so I'll be off to that to get some pictures and hopefully not blank on questions. But then I'll be back because I'll have an hour to kill before Jane's Q&A. Can't miss that. :)

Have I mentioned how much fun I'm having? The best part is seeing everybody. I love getting to put faces to online names. :)
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James' Q&A and bits

I am a bad, bad fangirl.

I went to the JM Q&A this afternoon at 2. Got some good pics (I think) and remember...some of it. The problem when I take pictures is that I don't hear what he's actually saying, lol. Some of the bits I *do* remember:

Collapse )

He looks very good. Very trim, a little on the thin side but not nearly S6ish. Though, his hair is longer and he has these strands that keep slipping down and there's a group of us that keep wanting to push them back, lol. He wore a short-sleeved white shirt with dark casual pants, which was a bad choice on his part. Well, bad for people taking pictures, lol. There was a big screen right behind him, so the white on white was not great for definition sometimes.

So anyway, I left afterward because I didn't want to listen to Mercedes and figured I'd come back to the lobby and get some editing done. No big deal, right? I was writing up what I could remember, chatting with pepperlandgirl4, and started feeling really, really sleepy. So I figured I'd go lie down for a little bit.


I fell asleep.

For over 4 hours.

By the time I woke up, less than 45 minutes ago, I'd missed Jane Espenson's Q&A, the screening/commentary of Harsh Light of Day with James, Jane, and Mercedes, and the first half of the dinner tonight. So I'm now sitting here in the lobby, waiting for stuff to get done so I can go back down at 10ish and watch more of the screenings. They're supposed to show ASH's pilot again and James' audition reel from Star Trek Nemesis, among other things.

So I'm a little annoyed with myself. Both for missing out on some of the fun things I wanted to and because I know others would have liked to hear about them. Oh, I did get one really nice comment today. hollydb introduced me to this lovely woman who likes my writing, and after talking to her for a little bit, she asked me if I was a college student, too. I practically hugged her, lol.

ETA: Like I said before, I'm not going to be able to post any pictures until after I get back home Monday night, so likely not before Tuesday. My camera refuses to talk to my laptop, so I can only view them on my camera, so asking me to post pictures repeatedly is unfortunately a waste of your time. I can't. There's nothing I can do about that. Sorry.