July 21st, 2006

eurydice james: pepperlandgirl4

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Thanks for all the suggestions yesterday! It really surprised me how many people asked for something Wes related; are all the Spike fans at Writercon, lol? Not that I'm complaining, though I fear some of you might be. Considering all the possibilities for Wes, however, got my brain down a path that doesn't really match any of the suggestions unfortunately. It's Wes/Faith with Angel friendship on the side, and I'm not sure it's porny. And even less sure that it's short. And maybe a trifle fluffy. But it's pushing buttons in me, so unless something else pops up today to distract me (because I've already finished the Beg chapter for Sunday), I think I'll be working on that.

Maybe I can get some porn into it eventually. Or maybe I should just write it for my own eyes, because I'm a little embarrassed by the idea, lol.

And look! 3 days of posting in a row! Although I can't believe it's Friday...