April 19th, 2006

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My giggle for the day:

Craig and I ordered a few books from Amazon to help with talking to Alicia about sex and babies and how women get pregnant because she's gone mad lately on asking very specific questions we just can't answer without going into a lot of detail.

They arrived today. I was flipping through one that was very cute actually, and it got to talking about sex. Well, making love as it was very careful to clarify. And it says, in response to why people don't make love all the time:

"Making love is like skipping. You just can't do it all day long."

For some inane reason, this makes me giggle hysterically.
eurydice james: pepperlandgirl4

Another snippet

I'm sorry, I have to share. And I have a feeling I'm going to be sharing these snippets for awhile as I go through these books.

Craig also picked out a book designed for parents. Big thick thing that I had zero interest in reading, packed with everything imaginable about sex education. It looked dry as dirt.

But I picked it up and flicked through and landed in the masturbation chapter. Now, anyone who's heard me talk about Alex knows I have a son in love with his penis. (Anybody remember the story about the nut from his Bob the Builder workbench? *snorts*) And I read the following passage and about died:

Consider Noah, who at four, had a habit of fiddling with his penis while his other would read to him at bedtime. Most nights Trudy would ask him to please stop (this was becoming her habit), and he would. Temporarily. One evening after Trudy made her usual appeal, Noah decided it was time to finally help his mother understand the situation. "Mom," he explained without removing his hands from his pants, "if you had one of these, you would do it, too."