April 17th, 2006

eurydice james: pepperlandgirl4

Mini-update on that which is me

Monday. Fresh starts. New resolutions. Time to update. :)

1. Easter was lovely. We had friends over for the afternoon and early evening, so I figured with 4 adults and 6 children, I needed a lot of food for Easter dinner. Spent a good part of the morning cooking and the like, but I overdid it. Again. So much so that I have a pie that never even got cut. But the nice part of holiday cooking is that I don't have to cook again for days afterward.

2. The bad part is how fat/bloated/worthlessly slothlike I feel afterward, too.

3. Spring break is over, and Alicia is back to school this morning. She's ready. I'm ready. :) Of course, that means Craig went back to work this morning too, which I'm not so ready for.

4. Craig hired an accountant to figure out our taxes for the past two years, and we got the final results last week. Taxes had been his albatross for nearly 2 years now because of all the weird changes in his status, but as it turns out, he had little reason to worry. Of course, now he's talking about buying a new TV with the refund, lol. We did do a mini shopping trip after Craig and I signed off on all the paperwork; I now have an Ipod, which I thought would never happen. But three days later, it's still in the box. I should probably open that today and figure out how to work it.

5. We got kicked out of the house on Friday because the house and yards got sprayed for ants. Stupid rain has made it a real problem this winter, so hopefully it will be better now.