August 2nd, 2005

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This Wanton World, ch. 4

I'm a bad fanfic writer. I went off for 5 days in LA and completely didn't finish my Echoes chapter. Instead, I bought way too much Buffy memorabilia, fawned over Drew Goddard, and went fangirl sharing shopping stories with Joss Whedon. Bad Eurydice, bad!

I feel so bad about not having Echoes to post today that I'm going to post something else instead. It's chapter 4 of my watchersdiaries piece, This Wanton World. This is a posting aberration, FYI. The schedule for this is Thursdays and Sundays; it's only getting posted today on Tuesday because I feel so damn guilty about not getting Echoes done.

Challenge code: 1BD10
Title: This Wanton World
Author: Eurydice
Rating: NC17, for sex and violence.
Notes/Description: Los Angeles, 2003. For the first time since she was Chosen, Buffy’s back in town. She never planned to return, but someone else had a different idea. This time, though, she comes with purpose, and power, and an assassin hot on her heels. She just hopes that this time…she doesn’t die.
Thanks: As always to the wonderful sadbhyl for the support and beta-ing.

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