July 24th, 2005

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This Wanton World, ch. 1

I've started posting my fic for the reverse artathon over at watchersdiaries, so I'll keep it updated here, as well. It's not going up at my site too soon, probably not until it's complete. The way the outline is going for this one, it's going to be about 15-18 chapters.

Also, this is a lot darker than what I usually write. There are elements in this that will likely squick some people. I've put the warning about the worst of these in my notes at the top of this chapter; I just hope it doesn't scare all of you away. ;)

The art that inspired this story is here.
Title: This Wanton World
Author: Eurydice
Rating: NC17, for sex and violence.
Notes/Description: Los Angeles, 2003. For the first time since she was Chosen, Buffy’s back in town. She never planned to return, but someone else had a different idea. This time, though, she comes with purpose, and power, and an assassin hot on her heels. She just hopes that this time…she doesn’t die.

You know what you know about the show? Throw it out. All of it. Well, most of it. I’m going AU from before the show started. Buffy was Chosen, Merrick died, but before Joyce could move to Sunnydale, somebody else arrived in Los Angeles to prevent that from happening. All will be explained soon enough in the story, so all you really need to know at the top of the story is that Buffy is 22 and a Slayer, who has never met Giles or anyone from Sunnydale. The events that happened on the show still occurred, in one twisted way or another, but most of the people you know won’t be making an appearance. Note the most. ;)

Also, this isn’t going to be a fluffy fic. I can’t say that it’ll be angst, but it’s going to be dramatic. Dark, maybe, depending on your perspective. And I mean that rating. Honestly.

Thank you to sadbhyl for the beta, and for holding my hand (and kicking me in the pants) when I wanted to give up.

Warning: Chapter 2 of this story has a scene of non-consensual sex between Buffy and another character. It is not violent, but it is most definitely non-con on Buffy’s behalf, so if this bothers you, turn back now. There is only the one occurrence of this in the story, though.

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