July 15th, 2005

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Woo hoo! I'm finally online! Not that I'm online for long. We have wireless here in the hotel in Toronto, and I'm up in our room, showering after a very long day working. Very long. But worth it.

There's absolutely no way I can get caught up on LJ before I get back home last week, but from the skimming I've been able to do, I'm completely overwhelmed by all the birthday wishes I've received. Thank you so much to everyone! *hugs flist* I'm going to try and at least get my e-mail caught up tonight and tomorrow morning. Provided my brain hasn't melted by then. ;)

My birthday was spent working for rockgoddes here at Toronto Trek. I'm not here to see the convention/guests, but to see her and psubrat, and yes, I know psubrat is staying with me, but that was arranged after I agreed to do this with the gals. I did get a lovely dinner out courtesy of Hico, though (I have to find your LJ name, hon, and get you friended).

So...I'm off to actually *take* that shower now. My feet are killing me. I'm so glad I'm mostly done for the day. :)
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