July 1st, 2005

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AUP Pimp

So, I'm checking my e-mail as I am wont to do first thing in the morning, and looky looky what I found:


Party in Sacramento! Alternate Universe Presents is incredibly delighted as we have not one but two announcements!

Armin Shimerman, (Buffy's "Principal Snyder" and Star Trek DS9 "Quark") will be joining our headliner line-up in Sacramento. Armin will be there all day Saturday and Sunday participating in Q&A, autographs, Happy Meal on Legs Banquet etc.

We will also be having a Slayer in the house! We are happy to announce that Bianca Lawson "Kendra, the Vampire Slayerâ" will be joining us in Sacramento. Bianca Lawson will be a bonus guest. She will be with us
all weekend. Bianca will be attending the Smile Time Meet and Greet and Happy Meal on Legs Banquet as well as participating in photo shoots.

Photo sessions tickets will be up for sale soon. Keep checking the shopping cart pages of our website www.alternateuniversepresents.com.


Can I just say how cool is this?!? Snyder! C'mon! You know you wanna come!
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eurydice james: pepperlandgirl4

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I'm *so* disappointed in my new hair color.

For whatever reason, my old color got discontinued, so I decided to try something new. It looked to be about the same shade, maybe a trifle redder. Wrong. Wrong wrong wrong.

It's red, all right. A deeper, burgundy red, where my color before was more a gingery red. Kind of like Willow's except just a smidge darker. Did I mention I was disappointed? It just seems so...dark.

So...is it bad to try and color it again before I head to Sacramento next Thursday?