February 21st, 2005

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Woke up this morning exhausted but in a wonderful mood. The kids have managed to pick up another bug overnight it would seem and I was up until the wee hours with Alicia, coughing and crying and the like. Alex is coughing up a storm this morning, too. Poor kids.

In light of little sleep, however, I was very cheery when I was awakened by the kids. I had an absolutely lovely dream. In it, Craig's company decided to offer a gift to employees and their significant others for a successful year (this is quite consistent with the way the really do operate). One of their options was a pair of tickets to a new play in San Francisco starring none other than James Marsters. Well, Craig got us front row seats to it and I spent the rest of my dream watching James perform. In my seat at the edge of a thrust stage, so James was consistently just a few feet away from me.

So, this had me in really good spirits when I woke up. I rolled over, and Craig and I started chatting about the day and the like, and I told him what a wonderful husband he was and had been in my dream. After hearing what the dream was, Craig shook his head and said, "If I was a really wonderful husband, I wouldn't have got you tickets. I would've got you a part."

LOL I love that man. :)
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eurydice james: pepperlandgirl4

Parenting styles

Craig and I watched a show tonight we'd only ever heard of in passing, and we were only going to watch a few minutes before getting back to work, but then we got engrossed and ended up watching the whole thing. Not only that, but we spent the commercial breaks having some of the liveliest conversations we've had in awhile. The show? Super Nanny.

It wasn't the family in question that we discussed, as interesting as it was to watch. What sparked us was talking about what we perceive the cultural differences between raising children in the UK and raising children in the US to be. Not surprisingly, we agree. Craig and I have always been 99% in accordance on how children should be raised. I think what shocks us is hearing opinions from other parents.Collapse )
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