February 14th, 2005

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My house is finally back under control. Woo hoo! My body, however, is not. I was going to go back to the gym tonight, but the crappy weather and the fact that I can't seem to wake up enough convinced me not to. Bad Sigrid, I know. However, with the house now clean and my to do list minimized, I'm going tomorrow. No more excuses.

Had a good day overall. Woke up this morning to Craig giving me a dozen red roses, so that was a nice start. I also got mucho writing done. For people reading Frost, you'll be very pleased to hear that my announcement of 2 chapters left in the story was premature. In writing this chapter, I hit 3500 words and had only accomplished half of what I wanted, so I decided to split it up. That means there are now 3 chapters left for me to post. If anyone cares about that kind of thing. ;)

And I can't resist using a new icon cheesygirl made. Don't they just glow? These two are simply adorable together. And people wonder why I ship Wesley/Willow. :)
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