February 11th, 2005

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Still feeling nauseous, but I'm muddling through. It's weird because it alternates with bouts where I'm starving and I have no problems eating, and then get really sick when I do. I woke up this morning feeling like I didn't want to eat again for a year, too. It's not the obvious---believe it or not, I went out last night and bought a pregnancy test specifically to rule out that option, which it did. I wouldn't even have considered it except sadbhyl asked an offhanded question that got me to doubting. Craig, of course, said I was being ridiculous, but I just needed to rule it out. I haven't been to the gym since Tuesday as a result; I can't work out when I'm feeling like I'm going to throw up any minute. I'm hoping to be able to get back by Sunday.

Craig and I have decided that we're definitely going to look for a house to rent instead of the townhouse. We have 3 months until our lease expires, and I just really, really want a back yard for the kids to be able to play in. As it stands now, there is no way I can let them go outside and play without going with them, and that just takes so much out of my day. Plus, the housing association hasn't set a date on when they're going to fix the front stairs, which means we only have access to the house through the garage. Not that we used the front door very often, but it puts a severe crimp in having guests over. Like Alicia's party tomorrow, for instance. So, I'm starting the hunting. We found a ton of stuff on Craig's List, mainly because the classifieds and agencies around here have nada, and I have a feeling that will be our primary source.

I'm off this morning to do more shopping for Alicia's party. I put together the goody bags yesterday and discovered I didn't have enough candy for the pinata, so I have to go get more for that. Plus, I've been holding off on buying food because I wanted as much room in the fridge as possible. Craig took the day off, so he's going to help get things sorted. It lets me run out without the kids, too, which makes things go faster.

In honor of the Chinese New Year, my thought for the day is a Chinese proverb:

Take chances. When rowing forward, the boat may rock.

Rocking does not mean it will capsize. Remember that.