January 28th, 2005

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Blurb help!

So, I'm looking at my blurb assignment that's due on Tuesday, and it looks like an easy one. Short informational pieces about seven Georgia towns and then two on Georgia itself. Basic stuff, like demographics, educational opportunities, attractions, and the like. So, I start researching the first town, going straight to the Census Bureau cite for my general info because I have to have reliable sources. And the first town on my list supposedly has a population of just a few hundred people! This does not bode well for me, so I've decided to put a call for help out there. I know there are some Georgia people on my flist here *looks at musing_mia* so would anyone be willing to help me out just a little bit? I'm going to put the towns I need to research behind the LJ cut. If anyone might be available to answer a couple questions for me regarding any or all of them, I'd greatly appreciate it!

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ETA: Ignore my plea for help right now. Now that I've sat and gone through the list, there are so many holes in my assignment that I've sent a list of questions to clarify what the needs are. For instance, did you guys know there are actually *3* Buckheads in Georgia? I'm fairly certain they want the Atlanta suburb one, but I can't assume that. And the assignment made no mention that any of these might be counties, and there actually *is* a very tiny town in Georgia called Cobb, so again, I can't assume until I know for sure. The others are fairly straightforward, but ack, it drives me crazy when there are this many holes in my assignments.
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In 12 hours, I should have my husband next to me again. All will be right with the world. :)

I talked to Craig this afternoon and found out he'd lost his ride home from the airport tomorrow, so now I have to go pick him up. Have to, ha. Like I wasn't chomping at the bit to get him home. This way, I get to see him a full hour earlier, so no bad there.

I got my questions answered regarding my blurbs, so will be working on those this weekend. For those people who were so kind to offer their help, I'll be sure to jump in if there's anything I need to know. One of my blurbs got taken away because it had been missed in their filters so I only have 8 to do now instead of 9. Considering these are pretty much like tiny little research reports---all fact, no opinions, and no sales pitches---these will be some of the easiest blurbs I've ever done. Just couldn't get to them today because I got such a headache wading through the dross of the assignment.

Because of the headache, I pretty much stopped writing after that. The only writing I accomplished were the polishes to the Echoes chapter for next week, and finishing Frost's next chapter. That will get posted tomorrow. There's a bit of tweaking I have to do before it's ready and considering some of the mistakes I was making earlier, there's no way my head's in a place to do those now.

And now I'm off to read a bit before going to bed. I did some ironing while I was watching Angel DVD's, and now just want to veg. I hope everyone has a lovely weekend. :)
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