January 3rd, 2005

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It's only 4 in the afternoon? How is that possible?

Let's see. Today I've managed the following:

1. Updated LLGA and e-mailed all the new nominated authors.
2. Written 1500 words on my winter_of_wes story.
3. Emptied and reorganized the kids' toy closet and packed away all the remainder of their xmas gifts.
4. Hoovered the house.
5. Ran my errands to the wine shop, post office, and Safeway.
6. Had lunch with Craig.
7. Started taking down what Christmas decorations I can.
8. Took Alicia to Target where we ran into a little girl she knows from nursery, who promptly wandered off so we spent the next ten minutes helping her mother find her in the store. I think Alicia has had the lesson honed about not wandering away from mommy when she's in the shop.

And I just can't believe it's only 4. It feels like it should be later, though I'm quite chuffed about how much I've accomplished.

Off to start supper!
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eurydice james: pepperlandgirl4

Daily writing quota

Since one of my resolutions was about my writing output, I'm going to start subjecting my poor friendslist with my daily results. It's the only way to keep myself honest. ;)

So, finished the Wesley/Willow chapter I was working on, and clocked a total of 3022 words today. That gives me a weekly total of 9164 words. So far, so good. :)
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