December 30th, 2004

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And the rain, it kept a-coming...

This week has been the wettest I've seen since moving back to the US. It didn't seem unusual to me in the slightest; though it's been steady, it's nothing compared to what I've seen from living in either England or the Midwest. Apparently, though, California soil just can't take it.

The ground is saturated. So much so, that it's coming up through the concrete in the crawlspace beneath the house, and the first step from the garage is literally soaked. We had maintenance from the management company around to look at it, and he left the evaporator for us to keep it dry, but it rained again last night and in less than 6 hours, the stairs are soaked again. They say it's a structural thing, that the poor design of the house has led to faulty drainage and that this isn't a new problem for this property. It would've been nice to know that before we leased.

I'm *really* glad we don't own this house, and now I'm even more eager to start looking around again. Craig and I have been talking about the advantages of being in a house rather than a townhouse, and since I have more time to look, we decided to see what might be available. Our lease is up in May, but we're only going to move if I can find something at least as good as this one. Who knows what we'll find?

I've decided to do the private LJ for my original fiction and will get that launched this weekend. I've checked what I can on the copyright issues and as long as a) I'm paranoid about who I friend for it, and b) get it down before I start submitting it anywhere, I think I'm OK. Thank you so much to everyone for your thoughts and concerns; I appreciate all of them!
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eurydice james: pepperlandgirl4

Footloose, kind of

Alicia got a dance mat for Christmas as her primary gift and constantly has it out. Well, Alex was watching and wanted to have a go. Being the helpful older sister, Alicia got him all started on the easiest setting, and I've been sitting here watching him try to do it. He's got little legs, and isn't as double-jointed as Alicia is, and ended up falling into the splits when he hopped sideways.

But then he couldn't get up. And didn't understand why Alicia and I are giggling hysterically.

At least he's still young enough not to feel like he's hurt himself. Or to be so self-conscious to try it in the first place. :)
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