December 19th, 2004

eurydice james: pepperlandgirl4

All done!

Woo hoo! Cookies are now officially all done. 40 dozen in all and not nearly as much as I used to do at my cookie height, but not too shabby in the long run. Not that anybody cares, but the final list was:

- Sugar cookies (because those are a staple)
- Almond sweets
- Caramel crispy treats
- Maple-date cookies
- Chocolate pecan pie bars
- Tropical citrus bars
- Rumballs
- Cherry coconut drops
- S'mores bars
- Ginger cookies

Tomorrow, I'm going to take the bulk into Craig's office for his department, though I've been told that I'll likely be making more of the smores bars and maple-date cookies for here at home. Personally, my favorite are the ginger cookies (mine are soft and chewy as opposed to crunchy because I dislike crunchy things), but I've got almost 7 dozen of those and only the father-in-law seems to enjoy them as much as I do, so those will likely last.

Now I can actually get some writing done. That smut chapter for Frost has been whispering at me for forever it feels like. And you have no idea how much I wish it was Tuesday so that I could post the next Echoes chapter. I'm rather looking forward to reading the reactions to this one. ;)
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