December 11th, 2004

eurydice james: pepperlandgirl4

I'm still alive...barely

I'm dragging today. Last night was the Christmas party for Craig's work and I got just a little too drunk. Didn't embarrass myself there, thank god, and had a lovely time, but the shuttle ride back to the office/home proved too much for my stomach and I got sick. Blech. I'm paying for it today.

We're off in a couple minutes to buy bikes for the kids for Nanny and Grandad for their birthdays. I've managed to get caught up on LJ comments, but I still owe e-mails, surprise, surprise. And absolutely no writing done in the past 24 hours which doesn't bode well. The last chapter of my William ficathon story will go up on Sunday and that should hopefully get me back on track with everything else.

Oh, and arymetore, thank you so much for the lovely surprise! It was a genuine pick-me-up in the hubbub from the past few days. Thank you for that.
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