October 17th, 2004

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xheartrockx has opened nominations at her awards site, Lovebite Awards. I was very fortunate last round to get the support of readers and pick up a few lovely prezzies. Go and nominate your favorite fics, and support your favorite fanfic writers!
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eurydice james: pepperlandgirl4

A Stitch in Time

I've spent the last 3 hours at the Emergency/Urgent Care in San Mateo. My little boy has had his first stitches, poor guy. We didn't even make it to his third birthday before having to go to the hospital.

After dinner, Alex took a header off one of the dining room chairs and completely split open the underside of his chin. Blood everywhere---on my favorite lilac sweater, all over his neck and shirt, our hands. I got the blood mostly stopped while Craig got on the phone with a buddy from work who lives here in Foster City who also has small children to find out where to take Alex. We got seen fairly quickly after getting in, but most of our time was spent waiting for the meds to numb Alex's chin for the sutures. The gash was about an inch long and fairly deep, but got sewn up in just 3 stitches. I got reminded how small and young Alex is, seeing the size of the tools used to stitch him up. He was very good, though, and didn't really make a peep during the entire thing. They had to papoose him, and the nurse held his head up so that the doctor could get to his chin, and I held his hands. Poor brave little man.

Although, I don't get how this boy can be so stalwart getting stitches and screams the house down getting his hair cut. :P

I have visions of Alex twenty years from now, curled up with a girlfriend who asks him about the moon-shaped scar on his chin. Somehow, I think he's going to have a different---and more dangerous---story to tell than "I fell off a chair when I was two."
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