September 17th, 2004

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Disturbing revelation of the day

Which will mean absolutely nothing to anyone who doesn't have small children.

Greg from The Wiggles? The one in the yellow shirt who does all the singing?

Has anyone else seen his incredibly hairy back?

Not that I'm bothered by hairy men, because hello, married to a bear, but...

It's the fact that it's a Wiggle. Who's supposed to be asexual, right?

I'm mildly squicked out by this. I don't know why.
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eurydice james: pepperlandgirl4

I've been invaded

It would appear there is a new weekly ritual in the Harris household.

Right now, there are seven guys sitting at my dining room table, eating pizza and treats I made, and playing poker.

Craig told me this was going to happen last night. There were a couple of guys who started getting together on lunches to play, and the group grew into a weekly Friday game until Craig joined up last week. And promptly volunteered our house to play since the group was getting a bit big.

He only told me about it last night. Typical of him. :)

So, I spent the morning rescuing the house so that it was presentable for everyone, and I made one of my kids' favorite treats as a snack, since we're hosting. At least now I have warning that it's going to happen every week. No more scrambling to get things done at the last minute.

And in light of the non-cooking I did this morning, I'm going to put up the recipe for what I made. These are just Rice Krispie treats with a chocolatey difference. No big. But I do make them at Christmas (even if they don't count as a cookie) just because they're always gone so fast.

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More ramblings

Yep, I'm spamming again.

Alex has a new word that he's using in mucho abundance.

Everything is now "nummy."

I swear, if he calls something a nummy treat, I'm going to die from hysterical laughter. Because I'll have my own Alexander Harris wandering around referring to things as nummy treats and playing with my Spike magnets. :)
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