September 7th, 2004

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'Tis the season

So, do I look like a freak if I say my morning is going to be spent doing baking in anticipation of Christmas?

With Labor Day now past, I have to buckle down and get my Christmas cookie list in order. I've slacked off the past couple years because of things such as pregnancy and moving and such, but now that we're back in the US, I want to get back into it properly. This is the one Christmas tradition from my childhood that I'm insisting on perpetuating. I make 15-20 different kinds of cookies, and then give them out in 3- or 6-dozen platters to friends and co-workers as gifts. I have standbys that I do every year (ginger, toll house bars, rum balls, and thumbprints) but I like to mix up the other kinds, hence my frantic cookie testing that begins in September. It's the only way I can be assured that I'll have the right number of recipes by the time I start my serious baking in December.

So, today is an apricot-coconut shortbread bar. I'm about to start the shortbread and I've already cooked the apricots, waiting for them to cool. Then, when the batch is done, I'll walk them over to Craig's office for people to have. The funny thing is, even when I don't think a cookie is good enough to repeat, Craig's co-workers never seem to have a problem eating it. :)

And my writer's block seems to have dissipated. I have 1400 words and Buffy sitting in between Spike's legs in front of the fireplace, so things are back on track. Hopefully, the chapter will be done in time to post tonight. :)
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Not completely sold on the apricot-coconut bar. Alicia liked it, and they disappeared when I took them into Craig's office, but I think I'd want to tweak the recipe if I made it again. It ended up being a little tarter than I would want, which makes a nice change from other sweeter cookies. I think I'll wait and see what Craig says when he gets home from work tonight; he's going to ask the guys what they thought when I'm not around.
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Frost update

Oh my god, it's actually an update for Frost. Chapter 19 is now up. With the ficathon out of the way, and no other WIP's at the moment, I'll be focusing on this for awhile. And the next chapter is NC17 all the way, so it's about time, right? :)

Hope you enjoy it. Hope you remember what the story is about. :)
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