July 27th, 2004

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Legions update and goodies

What a day! :)

First of all, chapter 31 of Legions is up at my site for you to hopefully enjoy.

Secondly, I received notification from Passionfish that she'd selected Legions as this week's summer favorite fic. Squee! My widdle William fic won its first award! See what nice things she had to say about it here and my pretty for it here.

Thirdly, some wonderful people nominated Legions and Shower of Ash over at Vampire Kisses, so thank you so much for that. :) She's still taking nominations for this round (up through August 1), so go on over and nominate your favorite Spuffy fics! :)
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eurydice james: pepperlandgirl4

Bathroom renovations

So, for some reason, I've been given DIY assignments this week instead of my usual educational stuff. Which is fine, because most of the time it's just a little bit more interesting for me to research. So, I thought that this time I might hit up my friends list to see what they might know/be able to contribute that could supplement my research.

The part of the assignment you may be able to help me on is bathroom renovation. Anyone out there done this? Why? What did you do? Any advice?

Oh, and I have to write for an American audience, so just keep that in mind if you respond.

And to make this worth your time, I'll offer writing in lieu of payment. ;) Ficlets up to 500 words, pairing and sitch of your choice. :) Or you could pressure me to write more of Frost or Legions. That works too. :)
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