July 7th, 2004

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Things of the good

And how are we all on this fine, fine morning? :) OK, so maybe it's only morning for me and a select few, but I'm going with it, all right? Hee...

Can you tell I'm in a good mood? Here's my list of things of the good for today...

1. Sleeping in your own bed after 6 weeks on an air mattress.

2. Finding your album of wedding pictures that you were convinced had been lost in the last move.

3. Finding the set of chess pieces from Greece that your husband was convinced you didn't even own, even after you'd argued with him incessantly that it was ridiculous that you would only buy the board and not the pieces.

4. Your children's first day of nursery.

5. Managing to write 1200 words even after a long day of unpacking. No, that doesn't mean the chapter is finished, but it's now at 2100 words and probably halfway there...

6. Having your plane ticket for Pennsylvania all confirmed so that you can attend a Common Rotation concert.

7. Knowing you're going to Get to meet so many wonderful LJ people at said CR concert.

8. Knowing you don't have to cook dinner for the second night in a row because your husband has made reservations at your favorite restaurant.

9. Having the child that normally wakes at 6am sleep until 7:45.

10. Seeing so many lovely photos of happy fans and James all around the net (even if it means you haven't received yours yet, but hey, something to look forward to, right?).

I think 10 is enough for now. :) Today's plan constitutes taking the kids to nursery, doing grocery shopping, and then coming home and tackling our bedroom. We got half our stuff done last night (as well as both kids' bedrooms completely unpacked, the kitchen, and everything down in the garage), so I'm re-organizing our closets and such to accommodate having dressers again and the like. I actually *love* this part of unpacking. It appeals to the OCD in me. ;)

Hope everyone has a fantabulous day! :D
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eurydice james: pepperlandgirl4

The end of a very long day

So, I was going to post the Legions chapter tonight, but ffnet is in a read-only mode because of a corrupt database or some such nonsense, so I've decided to be lazy and wait to see if it's up in the morning instead. It just saves me so much time and effort if I can upload to ffnet first and then fix the code from the uploaded chapter instead of hardcoding the entire thing by myself. A cheat, I know, but I don't care. :)

It turned out to be a nice day overall. Collapse )
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