July 6th, 2004

eurydice james: pepperlandgirl4

Lunch break

Got a moment here on my brief lunch break for the day, so just thought I'd give an update on how things are going. On what, you might ask? My furniture arriving today, of course. :)

So, let's see...we were told the truck would arrive anywhere between 8am and 10am, though she did say they tried to arrive as close to the earlier time as possible. So what time does the truck roll up in front of our house?


I'd only been up for about 20 minutes and was in the process of waking and reading e-mail. Alicia was still asleep on our air mattress upstairs, and my mother-in-law was still in bed. *NObody* was dressed. We've never moved so quickly in our lives. ;)

All in all, though, the morning went well after that. The guys left just after noon, and the only things we can see so far is that there was a bit of damage to one of the corners of the entertainment center and we can't find the two glass shelves for the display cabinet. Those could be in a box that hasn't been unpacked yet, though.

So, I'm eating my sushi that my mother-in-law was wonderful enough to go and get for me, and then I'm resuming unpacking my kitchen. My inlaws are taking the kids out for a bit this afternoon so I can clean and unpack in peace, and I already told Craig that I am *not* cooking tonight, so he better be prepared to get something in or take me out.

And here I thought I'd be able to get some writing done today...*shakes head at my own silliness*...
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