July 5th, 2004

eurydice james: pepperlandgirl4

Lots of fic stuff

1. Chapter 16 of Frost is now up. Hang in there, folks. I promise that there will be a relief in the UST very soon. :)

2. darkwaif has done some wonderful manipulations for Rhapsody in Oil that I just wanted to share with everyone. She even got Giles as a crooner! :)

3. Thank you to whoever it was who nominated me over at the Sugar n' Spice Awards. They're brand new, and dedicated to BtVS and AtS fic, not just Spuffy fics. There's even a category for unconventional ships. Support your favorite writers and go over and nominate. :)
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eurydice james: pepperlandgirl4

Me and communication lately

I want to apologize to everyone out there. There are people who have been wonderfully supportive of everything I've been going through with the move, but in the last week or two, I've been incredibly lax about responding to people or initiating contact. I don't want *anyone* to think that I'm giving them the brush-off or that I don't care. But life has been so topsy-turvy over the past few weeks, with my in-laws staying with us (and still another week to go) and our furniture arriving tomorrow and everything else, my mood and strength to be outgoing has pretty much bottomed out. Writing is about all that's keeping me sane these days so I'm using that as much as I can to stay on top of things.

Please know that I hope to emerge from this emotional cave I've gone into some time soon. My inlaws leave next Monday, and then Craig leaves the following day for a four-day business trip in NYC, so hopefully some of my control over my life will start while he's away. I *hate* not having a routine, and being in the new house as well with so much of my power taken away from me temporarily, I'm struggling not to explode. Trust me, it's not pretty. And sometimes it stains.

Thank you all for being my friends. I know this might seem superfluous in light of what's been going on (because I know people understand the strain and stress of what I've been going through), but I just needed you to know *for certain* that it has absolutely nothing to do with any of you. *hugs*
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