April 20th, 2004

eurydice james: pepperlandgirl4

I wonder what the house market is like in Alaska...

Results from day 2 of California house hunting

1. Day 1 was a bust. The areas I was excited about online were very disappointing in reality.

2. Day 2 has been mostly disappointing. Found yet another area I don't want to live. When did I get to be such a snob? Oh yeah. When I had kids and started worrying about their safety. Most places I looked at today were so near incredibly busy roads that I wouldn't feel comfortable with the kids being around there.

3. I have 2 more viewings tomorrow, both of which got rescheduled from today. One is for a complex directly across the street from Craig's office, and the other is for a house in a quiet/nice neighborhood (I already did the driveby today to make sure this time) about a stone's throw away.

4. We did see one property today that is a potential. Pluses: it has most of what we need, is next to a rec center, shopping, and a park, and is the most inexpensive property from my list. Minuses: it's also the smallest property from my list, and won't allow any pets, so no getting a cat for Alicia to make up getting rid of Buffy and Spike. Craig and I talked it over and if we don't find anything by Friday and it's still available, we're going to take it. It just means cutting back even more on what we're bringing over, because there is absolutely no way our 4 bedroom house is going to fit that 3 bedroom apartment.

Maybe it's just because I'm tired. I know I'm supposed to be positive, but my head is aching right now and I can't even relax because housekeeping is about to clean our room, which means I have to vamoose for a few minutes. Looks like it's Starbucks for me...

Oh, and I'm polishing the Legions chapter. Hopefully, I'll get that posted tonight. If not tonight, then first thing tomorrow morning.
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