April 15th, 2004

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Up from 1:30 until after 6am with Alex, and then up at 7:30 for the day. And no way to catch up tonight as Craig is toting stuff between here and his parents' house tonight (an hour each way, and then the loading and unloading of the van) which leaves me the sole adult in the house. Alex was sprightlier this morning for a little, but he's gone back to being listless though he hasn't actually thrown up. Every time he starts heaving or crying, Alicia starts crying because it upsets her seeing him not well, so there's a lovely (not!) feedback loop happening in the Harris house today.

At least Angel is downloading.

So, I'm not planning on putting any fic updates up before I leave for CA. I code all the html myself rather than use one of the WYSIWYG programs and I fear that I'll mess something up. So better to just wait until I am sharp enough to handle it. I'll make up for it by doing multiple updates next week---at least 3 or 4, I promise.

Thank you to everyone for being so understanding. :)
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