January 30th, 2004

eurydice james: pepperlandgirl4

Does my life ever slow down?

Actually, for a couple hours this morning, it does. Kids are at nursery, I've just finished some online work I needed to get done, and I have a couple hours of unscheduled bliss that I'm going to enjoy. By all rights, I shouldn't. The other night, Craig brought home the first round of visa paperwork that we have to get arranged---12 pages of some of the most inane documentation I have ever witnessed. And this is going the company-sponsored route, not the spousal route. Ick. I should probably be working on that, but in light of the next 36 hours (and the fact that Craig's not here to look over my shoulder and nag me about it) I'm taking a break from moving stuff. I may even do some reading. What a novelty.

Actually, I already have a feeling what's going to happen. I'm going to finish this entry, and then I'm going to finish the opening scene of the next chapter, and just when I think I'm done, my little muse is going to poke me with his thermometer-shaped appendage and tell me to do some more. :) Which I'm sure nobody will argue with.

Oh, and got some adorable pics of my niece yesterday. She was born last July and I *still* haven't had the chance to see her in person yet. This is my sister who lives in Tulsa's first baby, and I haven't even seen Kip (my sis) since before she got married. One of the huge disadvantages to being over here in the UK. I'm sincerely hoping all that to change with the move; it would be nice to see her and her family on a more regular basis.
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