December 13th, 2003

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Absolutely gutted

OK, this will mean absolutely nothing to anyone outside of the UK, and probably not so much to the people within the UK, but I just have to say that I am absolutely gutted that Sam Nixon got voted off Pop Idol tonight.

Stupid pop television, sure, but this kid is amazing. And I absolutely do not understand how that Mark can still be around. At least Michelle can sing.

OK. I'm just going to go off and sulk some more, and try not to get more upset over a stupid TV show.

Oh, and hopefully I'll be posting the next W/W part tonight. Hopefully.
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eurydice james: pepperlandgirl4

W/W part 10

Well, here it is. Part 10. Kind of a segue into the next part, which will be much meatier, I already know because I've been seeing it in my head for weeks now. Oh, and angstchic made the most gorgeous icon for me for this, so go give her lot of love. This is for you, sweetie. :)

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