December 10th, 2003

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Attack of the guilt monster

Sometimes, I feel like a terrible mom. A few weeks ago, Craig and I had a sort-through of the kids' toys in anticipation of the approaching birthdays and Christmas, bagging a lot of stuff for either the rubbish or the charity shop. We ended up with 4 bags of toys that we felt they'd either outgrown, proved somehow not what we wanted (interpret: annoying), or were broken in some way or another. We didn't tell the kids what we were doing as, of course, we would never have gotten anything done with the crying we knew would ensue. And it had to happen.

Well, Alicia just came to me crying. Turns out she and Alex were playing with these little Pooh characters and she was upset because she'd lost Pooh's house.

Except Pooh's house went to the charity shop a few weeks ago because Mommy got tired of tiny fingers getting caught in it, and the bed getting pulled off and then requested to be put back on.

So as I'm holding her and comforting her and telling her that that's all right, that people lose things sometimes, she starts listing off all the other things she's "lost."

Her Tweenies puzzle. Which was missing half the pieces so we tossed it in the rubbish.
Dizzy Bug. Which she got when she was 2 months old and hasn't played with in over 2 years, and Alex outgrew a year ago. Charity shop.
Her Tinkerbelle Barbie. Which only had one leg because Alex pulled it off and I couldn't find it again. Rubbish bag.

And the list goes on.

This is not one of my favorite parts of being a parent. I'm not sure how we're going to handle the next clearout, because it's going to have to happen before we move back to the US, no way can we take all this junk with us. The problem is, Alicia is a pack rat. Her grandparents are convinced that she's a bag lady in the making with the way she hoards things, and totes them around in bags, and such. She doesn't like losing anything, and when we had tried to talk to her about giving some of the toys away before the actual clearout, we were faced with a mixture of "but I need that" and tears and "but Nanny gave that to me." If anyone has any advice, it would be greatly appreciated. :)
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eurydice james: pepperlandgirl4

Thank yous and an update

Well, let's get the update out of the way, first. Chapter 30 of Rook is now up for you to enjoy. :)

Secondly, it turns out that my pickle is actually a tiny, shriveled up gherkin. ;) Thank you to everyone for participating in the poll; it's certainly helped clarify my thinking regarding my next story. So, it turns out that once Rook is complete, I'll begin posting my wintery/Christmas fic, The Promise of Frost. My goal is for that to be the New Year, but that'll depend on how well Spike and Buffy behave in Rook. ;)

Thirdly, thank you to everyone who took the time on my last post regarding Alicia. I haven't had the chance yet to respond to everyone, but I will get around to that at some point before I go to bed tonight. It's been a rather stressful evening, but I'm feeling much better about the whole incident in general. So thank you *hugs*.
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