November 9th, 2003

eurydice james: pepperlandgirl4

When it rains

First of all, huge thank yous to everyone who was so kind to express their support in my laptop panic. I still have no idea if it can be saved, but my hopes are high as Craig is fairly certain the hard drive didn't get touched. The laptop still won't turn on, but he thinks that's because I shorted out the power switch (that's primarily where the fluid landed). We'll see. Probably Tuesday or Wednesday at the earliest.

Seeing as I can't write on the stories presently, now is probably the perfect time to get as sick as I have so I don't have to feel guilty about not updating. Alex has been battling a stomach thing all week, and I woke up this morning with a rough stomach and my eyes all gunky. I've been sleeping and nauseous all day as nothing will stay down, and by dinnertime, both Craig and Alicia seemed to have gotten it as well. Alex, of course, is fine now.

Thank you to angstchic for being so supportive in rallying everyone's support. :) I'm on the computer very little as the monitor quite bothers my eyes, but I just wanted to post a blanket thank you to everyone for your well wishes. I'm hoping that the sleep I've gotten today will help combat it, and as it appears that Craig will most likely stay home tomorrow, at least I have help in getting things done. We can take turns sleeping... :)
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