October 26th, 2003

eurydice james: pepperlandgirl4

Napa and stuff

OK, for a non-wine person who went in expecting to have an OK day, but not outstanding, I have to officially eat my hat. :)

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Today is shopping, taking Andy to the airport, and having a barbecue at Mark's, so again, I'm unsure about the Voiceschapter. I'm really, really hoping to get it up before I leave on Tuesday, but I'll keep people updated as to how that goes. evenstar_estel made a gorgeous pic for it that I plan on putting up and pimping when I post the next chapter (as well as pimping her other stuff, god she amazes me), too.

And kallysten? I'm so totally blaming you for the insane desire to write a Spuffy babyfic. ;) Between the ideas for that and the wine tunnels, my head has been totally distracted from the two stories I've got on the board already. It's a good thing I haven't been near a computer so at least I can blame the lack of progress on Voices and Rook on real life than that. :)

And totally silly and OT, but I'm all squee!! now because I finally got my Clay Aiken CD yesterday. Go ahead, flame me. I don't care. Me likes Clay. Me lurves Clay's voice. Me is in heaven for getting this CD. :)
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