October 25th, 2003

eurydice james: pepperlandgirl4


Well, we're off to Napa today. Craig's been wanting to show me Napa since I first met him 6 years ago, so this is a big deal for him. I'm not really a wine person, but getting to spend the day out with him, and Mark and Susan (Mark is a friend from Craig's work), is something I've been looking forward to for a while.

I don't have the Voices chapter done yet unfortunately. Depending on what time we get back tonight, I may get it done then so that I can send it off to be beta'd. Tomorrow's another busy day, though, so when I can get it done and up really does remain a mystery at this point.

The past few days have been a little rough because of the fact that Craig's meeting with his boss regarding the move over here kept getting postponed until I was ready to pull my hair out. I hate not having facts. I end up second-guessing myself and driving my head into mass confusion which only makes it worse. However, I have a lot of answers now, so life is looking good again. We can pretty much say a big fat no to Fairfax, which doesn't make me happy in the slightest, but not enough of the bigwigs are willing to commit to that kind of move at this time. However, the answers I did get regarding California and specifically this area make me happy. To be honest, this is looking more and more like a possibility every day. Whereas before I was around 50% thinking it was going to happen (desire mostly with little information), today I'm at around 85-90%. God bless facts. :) It always amazes me how well I respond to structure and while I certainly recognize my obsessive tendencies in other aspects of my life, I forget what it's like to have it in the main thrust of my life and how much happier it makes me.

Life is good. :) And thank you so much to angstchic and spikes_heart for listening to me over the past couple days, and being strong when I felt weak. Love you guys! :)
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