October 11th, 2003

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Wow, the first time I've been able to be more than 5 minutes on the computer since Thursday night. I think this is a first for me when I wasn't on a plane or something. :)

I am utterly wasted at the moment. Yesterday, I went into London and spent a good portion of my afternoon walking around Leicester Square, going into my favorite bookstores, and then parking myself on a bench in the middle of the square and reading until I heard from i_digress_uk a little after 5pm. After getting mildly turned around and then calling her back, we finally met up and walked over to the theater, opting to eat at Uno's across the street. Dinner was great, the company was wonderful (adult conversation, yay!), and then it was time for the play.

We both knew when we walked out last night that there was no way we'd ever be able to describe it. "After Mrs. Rochester" is about Jean Rhys, the author of Wide Sargasso Sea, told with a young Jean, an old Jean, and a Bertha Rochester (representing the inner turmoil and creative needs of all ages of Jean) all on the stage at the same time. The rest of the cast played multiple roles around them, including re-enactments of various parts of Jean's favorite book, Jane Eyre, throughout. It was...seamless. Like it was breathing. After the initial discomfort wondering what was going on, we just got sucked into this tale, listening to all the voices of Jean as they told her story. Absolutely mesmerizing.

She then took me a pub called the Coal Hole for a little drink, some ogling of cute bartenders, and more great conversation, and finally started heading for our trains some time after 11pm. I ended up getting home about 1:30, from the best night I've had in a long time (outside of Dragon*Con).

Then today, shopping and family stuff, and here I am, finally on the laptop at home, getting the kids dinner ready. I haven't written a word on the next Voices chapter, but I'm going to start in a bit. Depending on angstchic's schedule (because I can get it to her tomorrow, most likely), it will be up either on Sunday or Monday, like I originally predicted. And it does have pool sex... :)
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eurydice james: pepperlandgirl4

Graphic request

OK, I feel kind of weird asking this, but as I am the most graphically challenged person I know, I'm kind of in a spot. Would anyone out there be willing to create me some link buttons for my site? I've had a couple people request them, and I have absolutely no idea how to begin. I really wish I could do graphic stuff, especially as I've been wondering about changing the layout of the site again (but I didn't do this one and would have no idea how to go about making anything anywhere near as good), but since I can't, I'm throwing myself on the mercy of my readers. Pretty please with sugar on top? :)
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