September 28th, 2003

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So, I just got the next Voices chapter off to angstchic, so that should be ready to go up tomorrow. It might've actually gotten written faster, but Alex developed a fever out of nowhere today and a chunk of my afternoon was spent seeing to him. Still a good weekend overall though, althoug right now my mouth is on fire because Craig put way too much chili cheese in the salad tonight. Ouch.

Still, in a good mood because I found out Rook is up for Reader's Pick over at the Fantasy All-Star Awards. It's an award site strictly for AU/fantasy Spuffy stories, and it's got a gorgeous layout. I encourage everyone to go over and nominate your faves; there are still some categories that could use some more nominees (although she's got some absolutely fantabulous ones already up, including some of my personal favorites like "Take a Chance" by musing_mia, "A Touch of Jealousy" by echidnas_pen, and "Traveling Soldier" by zarrah04). Support your favorite writers; let them know you appreciate their hard work. :)
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