July 30th, 2003

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AU bandwagon

It's official. I'm weak. I have now succumbed to the AU bandwagon. I've been wanting to write something all-human for awhile now, but was uncomfortable with my first foray. Then I saw a challenge over at the Spuffy awards that caught my eye and decided to give it another go. And now I'm starting to post it. :)

TITLE: By Rook or By Crook
SUMMARY: Sometimes, no matter how fast you run, your past always manages to catch up to you. It’s 1940, and the streets of Manhattan are the last place on earth ex-hitman William Rook ever expected to find himself again. But one last job has demanded he return, a job that pushes him directly into the path of a certain blonde chanteuse named Buffy Summers, and nothing will ever be the same again…for either of them…

By Rook or By Crook

You know, it's a good thing Spike and Buffy are so poseable, because I certainly do enjoy playing with them. :) This shouldn't affect my work on Voices; I'm going to be alternating between the two as I did with Voices and Zephyr.
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eurydice james: pepperlandgirl4

Spoilers are evil

I am not a spoiler ho. Never have been. But I don't hold it against anyone else if they are, simply because it's their choice. Shouldn't they respect my wishes at the same time?

I just got spoiled for Spike's return. Didn't want to be. I had thought I didn't care---mostly because I had never watched the show---but since we started renting the DVD's, I've developed a certain affection for the show and had decided to stay as clean as possible when it came to spoilers. Well, someone just e-mailed me telling me what happens, and I'm pissed as hell. Bye bye, good mood. Bye bye, being surprised.

Time to go spam my friends and ask them not to spoil me anymore. Sigh.
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