July 25th, 2003

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Body clocks

I used to be the person who made sure she never had a class that started before 11am because it was impossible for me to get up before 10. Lunch was breakfast, dinner at the DC was more like lunch, and supper constituted ordering something in to the dorm around midnight or 1. And here I am, suddenly unable to sleep in past 5:30, even if I don't go to sleep until really late.

Stupid kids. It's all their fault.

At least it's Friday. Wednesdays and Fridays are the days Alicia spends at nursery, so it's just me and Alex all day. He still takes a nap, so I get some real down time for a change, and I can even take a nap if I really have to. Not that I usually do. Most often, I take advantage of the 2 hours of silence by doing some writing.

Or calling my husband and trying to talk him into coming home for a quickie. Unfortunately, that's probably going to end up getting stopped because his new office---which they just moved into---is on the other side of town now, and not 5 minutes away. Totally sucks. What's a girl going to do when she gets that urge in the middle of the day?

It's probably a really good thing that there is a continent and an ocean separating me from James Marsters. :)
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eurydice james: pepperlandgirl4

The world of crazy facts

Does anyone else have a person in their life who comes up with facts that make sense on the surface, but then makes you wonder afterward a) is it actually true, and b) how the hell did he know that? My husband is one of those, and the problem is, he says these things with such authority that I never can tell when he's just winding me up and when he's being truthful.

Crazy fact for today? Healthy men will have half a dozen or so erections during the course of the night while they're sleeping. Is this true? Not being a guy, and only having one brother I don't speak to, I have no idea if this is fact or my husband's imagination in overdrive. And absolutely no time at all to go looking online to see if it's valid or not. He claims it's a sign of good blood flow. I think it just means he's horny all the time (if in fact it's true).

It's kind of like that pseudo-fact that pigs' orgasms last for 30 minutes...or maybe not so pseudo, I dunno. Just something someone told me once that stuck and I never bothered to validate. Probably because I'm so damn jealous of the stupid pig...
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