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Thank you to everyone who commented yesterday. It's so silly; his being away is so damn minor in the grand scheme of things.

I'm so tired this morning. I sleep very poorly when Craig's away, a combination of being alone in our bed and ultra-awareness that I'm the only one to be there for the children in the night. Craig is a very light sleeper, and I'm not; when he's home, I've become habituated to him being the one to handle the night emergencies. It's an arrangement that works for us, until he's not there, and then I sleep either not at all or very fitfully. Last night was fitfully. With nightmares about amusement parks and dinosaurs emerging from the tsunami. Don't ask.

Writing and exercise both happened yesterday. I got up and went to the gym for cardio first thing in the morning because I knew Monday and Friday were shot for exercise this week. I really wish I could go today; now *that's* a statement I never thought I'd say. ;) Writing-wise, yesterday was nearly completing the next Frost chapter, polishing Echoes post for tomorrow, and work on the OF.

My goal of reading a book a week was broken this weekend. I'm only halfway through Jonathan Kellerman's "The Conspiracy Club" and my reading time is cut down because of Craig's absence this week. Well, that, and I have *so* much reading to do for LLGA. I'm hoping to finish it this weekend, but we'll see. Still, I'm reading more than I was so that's still good.

Now, I'm off to get the day started for the kids with breakfast and the like. Have to run and get the invitations for Alicia's birthday party so that those are ready to take in tomorrow, and I've got some projects that I'm doing around the house to surprise Craig for when he gets home. I got one of them half-done yesterday, but I hit a block I have to get around in the next day or two. At least it'll mean I'll be busy. Busy is good. :)

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