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Nightly post, but hopefully not a long one.

So much good stuff happened today. I got the chance to talk to christinenj and fingers crossed everything works out on getting to hook up in SF. And tonight, sadbhyl helps me out tremendously by posting "Delicate" for me over at BFA and then pimping it in her LJ. You're too good to me, hon! She's getting G/J/E fic just for that, too.

I'm falling in love with going to the gym. I've given up weighing myself for the time being as I don't want it to negatively affect me if it doesn't drop as quickly as I want it to, but after 2 weeks, I'm already noticing a difference in my clothes which is always good. What gets me is how much more energy I already have! I accomplished *so* much today off my to do list. Out of 36 items, I was able to cross off 21 of them, as well as write my 3000 words for the day. 3030, to be exact. With Frost likely to be posted first thing in the morning.

On the bad side, Craig's working late. When he came home for dinner, he told me he has to go the UK in February for at least a week. He's trying to finagle it that we all go. I'm not sure how I feel about that. On the plus side, Alicia's birthday is on the 10th and she can celebrate it with family. On the downside, Alicia's birthday is on the 10th, and if we go, that means scheduling a party for her friends may be difficult. There's also the issue of jet lag with the kids. We didn't get a huge amount of time to talk about it because he had a window of 2 hours while he was home, and the first 45 minutes of that were dinner, and then I went to the gym and didn't get back until 10 minutes before he had to go back. We'll likely talk about it tomorrow.
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