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Well, Craig got home at 7:30 and then promptly made up for his earlier behavior. It'll happen again, of course, and I'll probably get annoyed again, but it's OK. There's a thousand things he does do that just resonate so right that these occasional flare-ups can just get counted away as what keeps it real. :)

So, yeah, in a better mood.

Since I wrote on Sunday and I had so much to do today, I took the day off writing. That means no Frost until Friday at the earliest, and more likely on Saturday. Sorry about that.

Exercise was done and I'm doing well with that part of my resolution. Foodwise, I've been so damn hungry the past few days that I'm not sure if it's actually making a difference. Today, at least, I've been strong. And my exercise schedule will go to hell next week with Craig in China. I can only go the 3 days that the kids are in nursery, but I'm going to go on Sunday before he flies out, and then Saturday night after he gets back, so I should still get the same amount done.

As per the usual, finish up catching up on comments and e-mails in the morning. :)

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