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What. A. Day.

Craig and I went into SF this morning to drop off his application for the visa to China and I ended up spending an hour in the car waiting for him. Good thing I took my book.

Today was my posting day for winter_of_wes. I took that Wesley/Willow story I started last year and wrote the second half of it, and ended up with 18 chapters and 57,000+ words. It's called "Delicate" and if you're interested in reading it, it starts here. I'm rather proud of how it turned out. I was happy with the first half of it when I wrote it last year, but being able to finish it felt good. While you're over there, take a look at the amazing sdwolfpup's artwork here and here. The sepia-toned Wesley/Willow wallpaper gives me tingles, and the banner she did for the story is simply gorgeous.

Because I spent so much of my day either doing housework or posting, I decided to keep all the comments that I need to respond to until the morning. I'm just thrilled that people are enjoying my work. :)

Writing: Between tweaking, writing Frost, and working on my novel, I managed to get 3547 words written today, for a monthly total of 52,594. There should be a Frost chapter up in the next couple days, and now that WoW is over, I can concentrate on finishing it a little more closely. I'm going to stick to posting Echoes once a week until Frost is done, though. The latter is my priority now.

Exercise: What exercise? Well, I cleaned, but didn't go to the gym. By the time we got back from SF it was midday, which means the gym is a zoo and I didn't want to go tonight because of American Idol starting (don't laugh! It's my one trashy tv show...OK, one of two, but damn it, I love Clay's voice, and the auditions are hysterical). I'm back to the gym tomorrow, though, as I have my day back. Mostly. :)
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