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I'm fighting staying up until midnight, but I'm losing. The 18th is my winter_of_wes posting day, and since my story is so long and I'm going to be gone for a couple hours in the morning, I wanted to post a few chapters before I went to bed so that everything didn't get all clumped together together. I have a feeling I'm going to cheat by half an hour; after all, it's already the 18th in just a few states over, right?

Writing: 3177 words written (mostly Echoes, and some OF), for a monthly total of 49,047. Not bad.

Exercise: Went and did my all weights today while Craig took the kids into the pool. Ended up upping the weight on one machine and I plan on upping the weight on another the next time I go. I've figured out my upper body strength sucks. All my strength is in my hamstrings and in my back, but I'm working on that. The vertical traction machine is primarily back, but it also incorporates biceps, and I can tell that my strength in my biceps is improving by my reaction on the exercise designed especially for those. It's not that I'm ready to up the weight on those curls, but I can do all three sets without having to take a long break in the middle of them any more.

We're off to San Francisco in the morning so that Craig can drop off the paperwork for his visa to go to China on Sunday, and then we have to go back on Wednesday to pick it up. My house is a wreck. I need to do some serious cleaning some time soon; I just wish I knew when.

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