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I'm putting on my pimping hat today!

Not fic pimping, because I'm never up on the current stuff being written. And if I am, it's because it's been nominated at LLGA and then it's just unethical for me to comment publicly on it until after the round is over by which point it's too late.

Nope, I'm pimping award sites today, because there's a few of them out there that are currently taking nominations:

Vampire Kisses Awards run by vampkiss: All Spuffy with a very wide range of categories.

Walk with Heroes Awards run by sadbhyl: For all non-ship fic.

Spuffy Awards run by nikita_80 and ghostgirl13: All Spuffy with fantasy separated out in their own categories

The Lovebite Awards run by xheartrockx: All Spuffy, all the time.

Shades of Grey Awards: Honors almost any kind of ship you can imagine, including all-human AU.

Lost in Spike Awards run by jerzeyanjel and foxy_lil_freak: Mostly Spuffy categories, but also has a Spike/other category as well as site categories.

Give your favorite writers a thrill; nominate a fic today!
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