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Busy, busy, busy day. But my computer is back to the way it was before. Better. Faster. I'm quite pleased. :)

Craig abandoned me tonight for a work thing. I fully expect him to come stumbling through the door any moment, thoroughly intoxicated because he's been out with the only other Brit in the company entertaining a British client who's never visited the US before. Three British men alone on the town? Yep, you can bet they're drinking. :)

For people wondering, there will be a new Frost chapter up in the morning.

Writing: I still managed to get 5713 words written today. I only managed to get a little over a thousand done yesterday before my laptop went kaplooie, but that still puts me on top of the game. That's 35,120 for the month so far. Today was finishing the Frost chapter and the second to last chapter for my winter_of_wes offering. I decided to finish the Wesley/Willow story that I started a year ago. It will clock in at 18 chapters, and gets posted next Tuesday, in case anybody's interested. Not sure on the word count as I still have to write the 18th chapter, but that's happening tomorrow.

Exercise: Did my cardio yesterday and today. Tomorrow is back on the weights. I'm rather liking this routine; I don't feel like I can't move and I'm feeling rather charged during the day as a result. Not immediately afterward, of course. :)

I'm going to catch up on comments in the morning. I think that's becoming the way of my world. :P

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