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I love productive days, and boy, today was one of them. I wonder if it's Mondays?

Anyway, today was a study in rearranging furniture. I completely reordered all my DVD's, CD's, and books to fit the new arrangement of shelves that got finished/moved around today, as well as cleaned and scrubbed my kitchen, and ran out to buy a new light fixture for the sitting room. To top all that, I even met my writing and exercise quotas!

Writing: Wrote a total of 3808 words today, for a monthly total of 28,535. I also got a new blurb assignment, so that's going to take a chunk away from my fic writing. Have to pay for the cons this summer someway. ;)

Exercise: Did all the reps/sets for the 8 machines and did much better this time. Rather than go in the order they were shown to us, I reorganized them so that I did the hardest one for me first, and alternated some of the easier ones intermittently throughout the rest. I can still feel it, but I'm not nearly as shaky as I was last week. I think I even have to up the weight on 2 of the machines. We'll see on Thursday.

LJ comments will be caught up in the morning. Echoes gets updated tomorrow, and I have an update for LLGA, too. Tons of nominees this round, so my judges and I have got a bit of reading ahead of us! I'm thinking there's going to be a Frost update on Wednesday or Thursday, and then that'll be it until the next Echoes update because I have two more chapters to do for my winter_of_wes assignment and my blurbs to get done. Busy week for me. :)

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