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Resolution report

Friday night. How sad is it that it's been spent at the gym and then writing Echoes? The inlaws are on their laptop playing CSI: Miami; my MIL has gotten addicted to computer games in the last month she's been here and after playing both CSI games that Craig got for Christmas, they went and bought the Miami one yesterday to play and take home. She's been playing Harry Potter, too, and hearing her swear at the laptop when she falls off her broomstick during Quidditch has been hysterical. You know, I felt guilty about the time I spent on the computer when they were here last summer, but not this time. That woman has spent more time on hers than I have. Yikes.

We found out the what was the cause of the all the leakage in the house. Apparently the front stairs on this townhouse and the next door neighbor's are leaking. They're completely rotted out beneath; Tim from next door can put his hand through his. They put a tarp over it until they can fix it, which means we can't go out the front door any more, but it's completely stopped the flooding in the garage. Yay for that.

Exercise: Did my 30 minutes of cardio at the gym. Probably won't go tomorrow because the gym has limited hours during the weekend and I've got mucho stuff to do with the kids, but might go on Sunday morning. We'll see.
Writing: 3271 words written today, the bulk of that on the next Echoes chapter and a few hundred words on the 2nd chapter of my novel. That gives me a monthly total of 21,914 words. I've got a small cushion in case I can't meet my quota tomorrow with all the kid stuff happening. Thank god.
Reading: I actually read a book this week! OK, it was a little book, and it was non-fiction, but hey, I picked up a physical manuscript and turned pages and everything. I'm even starting a new book before I go to bed tonight. Go me! :)

I'll be catching up on comments in the morning, as per my usual. I hope everyone has a lovely weekend. :)

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