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Daily report and...ow

Well, we did the weights tonight. For real. All 8 machines that are set for us as beginners and all 15 reps/3 sets for each machine.


I'm going to be very surprised if I can lift my arms in the morning. I'm feeling so damn shaky now that I gave up on writing anything more except for nightly honesty report on my exercise and writing. I'm going to go to bed after this and finish reading my book for the week (go me on another resolution). Pages are much easier to turn.

So, to get this over with...

Exercise: Strength training on all 8 machines, established weights for full circuits of 15 reps/3 sets. Fingers crossed I can actually move tomorrow. My legs don't feel bad now; where I'm feeling it is in my forearms, triceps and across the top of my chest. I just hope it's not so bad I can't move. That would not be good.

Writing: 3005 words today, for a weekly subtotal of 18,643. That puts me 643 words over the week so far. I'm hoping for a small cushion to counter Saturday because I'm not sure how much writing I'll get done then. There's a birthday party in the afternoon I need to take the kids to, though my morning will be free. But today's writing was finishing my W/W chapter and starting the next Echoes one. I have 1300 words of a chapter that looks like it will probably be around 5000, so that'll either get done tomorrow or Saturday, depending on how prolific I am tomorrow and how the chapter cooperates.

I'm going to try and comment to the feedback on Frost in the morning. Right now, my muscles just want me to stop typing. Well, my right tricep wants me to. My left arm is sitting rather comfortably on the arm of the couch. As long as I don't move anything but my fingers, I'm OK.


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