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OK, so here's me being proactive in trying to reach my resolutions for the New Year. :)

I've created an LJ community to post my original fiction, wordmyth. It's going to be completely friends-locked and moderated, which means the only way to view it is if I approve you. Like I said in my previous post, I *have* to be paranoid about who I let read it, so please please please don't be hurt if you don't get approved. This isn't personal in any way. I have a lot of readers who have been wonderfully supportive of my fanfic, and I value each and every one of you. I just have to protect myself.

I want people to know what they might be getting into so I'm going to post a tiny portion of the first chapter here for you to read. It's only 700 words of a 3300+ word chapter and it's out of the middle so you don't know what comes prior or afterward, so I'm not fussed about it appearing publicly, but hopefully it will give you a taste of what the novel is (will be) like and let you decide for yourself if it's something you might want to read. I characterized it as fantasy romance in my earlier post; action-adventure/fantasy/romance is probably a bit more accurate, with the emphasis on action in this particular snippet.

If you're interested in joining after reading the snippet, you have to go to the user info and ask to join the community.

The fumes that had burned her lungs were dissipating, and Calypso was glad of the relief. Unable to see what was going on around her, she’d settled to calming her racing nerves, eyes closed as she desperately attempted to meditate, to focus inward and find some form of tranquility that would alleviate her fear. It wasn’t working. Instead of being eased, her sense of dread was rising, and her eyes fluttered open again to stare into the night sky.

It offered no clue as to where she was; the nondescript pinpoints of light could’ve been stars visible from any point on the planet. But it was clear, and the cool air was only slightly damp, so wherever this cavern existed, it wasn’t a land of extremes. Well, except for the fact that she was strapped onto what felt like a stone pallet, being administered to by a guy who was very quickly beginning to frighten her. Even without all her memory, she pretty much knew that that was extreme.

As if on cue, the older man returned to her side, and began running his index finger across her cheeks. His touch was accompanied by a cool burning sensation, and she caught a glimpse of the black oil that clung to his skin as he turned to reach again into a small pot tucked safely in a belt around his waist. “Not too bad, I hope,” he murmured, marking her jaw, tracing his finger across her throat.

“Please…” Calypso couldn’t help the entreaty that crept into her voice, and she swallowed hard. “You don’t want to do this. Just…let me go. I won’t say anything, I promise…please?”

There was a shade of sadness in his smile as he gazed down at her, his hand frozen over her skin. “What a lovely attempt,” he said. “But I’m afraid your pleas won’t work on me. Blood and all, you know.” He gazed at her for a moment, eyes searching her face, and had opened his mouth to speak again when the soft thud of feet hitting the dirt floor filtered from behind him.

“Stand down, Dag.”

Calypso couldn’t see the woman who’d spoken, but she could witness her captor’s reaction, or rather, his lack of one.

“So glad you could join us.” He addressed the new arrival without turning. “I was beginning to suspect you wouldn’t show.”

“I’m glad I didn’t disappoint.”

A flicker of movement on Calypso’s other side caught both her and Dag’s eyes, and this time, he glanced up, smiling. “Well, well, Mr. Boudreau. It is so nice to see you again. I do hope your family is well.”

There wasn’t a response, but Calypso knew from watching her captor that yet a third person had entered the cavern, this time somewhere behind her head. They were being surrounded.

“And the darling little Josie,” Dag said, his excitement widening his smile. “You are such a sight for these old eyes.” His glee lessened as he scanned the remainder of the cavern. “I must say, I’m quite flattered you thought I was worthy of your attention, Kit, but I wonder…where is Mr. Maddox? It’s not like you to just leave him behind---”

As if in response, a shower of loose rocks came down behind Dag, but he didn’t even bother to look at the fourth intruder. Instead, he gazed down at Calypso, smoothing her hair back from her forehead. “Hail, hail, the gang’s all here,” he murmured. She was certain she was the only one who heard him. “I am sorry, my dear.”

Nobody saw it until it was already too late. As the blade plunged into her stomach, Calypso screamed in agony, her back arching impossibly against her restraints, the steel of the knife embedding itself even further into her gut. It seared, the pain sluicing through her in thunderous waves, the blood spurting forth from the wound to saturate the cotton of her dress, sliding in rivulets down her sides to pool in the small of her back. As she collapsed back against the stone, tears suddenly clouded her vision, and she blinked rapidly in an attempt to clear it, gasping as the world seemed to darken, shading itself in a filmy veil, only to go black.

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