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Original fiction question

So, I've been contemplating my New Year's resolutions the past few days. While most of them are in regard to my health, a fairly large one is regarding my writing. Craig has been nagging me even more lately about writing my original fiction, however, I completely suck at sticking with any discipline regarding fic that's not Buffy-oriented. I love writing Spike just too much, it would seem. ;)

So, in an attempt to augment my discipline for actually finishing more original fiction, I think I'm going to create a second LJ specifically for that. I've seen others do it, but I have no idea how it works for them, so this will be an experiment for me. My thoughts are as follows:

1. I will post the chapters of my original fiction in the new LJ. One of the things that helps me in writing fanfic is the reader response, so maybe if I get some for the original fiction, it'll be easier to stick with it.

2. The new LJ will be friends-locked. That means, the only way to read it is for me to friend you. The only way for that to happen is if a) you ask to be friended, and b) I know I can trust you. Just so you are aware, I'm going to be quite discriminatory in who will be allowed to read the original stuff as I'm very paranoid about it. Please don't take it personally.

3. The work I'll be focusing on first is fantasy-based. Kind of. I think of it as very much like the Buffyverse or the Dresdenverse. Modern day world with a fantastical element. It's actiony-romance, very much like a lot of my fanfic.

So, is this a really dumb idea? Is there something I'm not considering? Do people want to see it? Inquiring minds---well, my inquiring mind---want to know.

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