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Boxing Day

Christmas was remarkably relaxing. We had a bit of a scare on the 24th when we woke up and found no hot water, but the management company took care of that straight away so we were back to normal by the afternoon. All that left for yesterday was unwrapping the gifts in the morning, a leisurely meal midday, and then messing around with gifts and the like the rest of the day. Well, everyone else messed around. I mostly wrote. (Don't get too excited; I worked on my winter_of_wes assignment.) :)

We even had an early night. We'd tivo'd "A Christmas Story" because the inlaws had never seen it and watched that after the kids went to bed. I don't think I've heard Mary laugh that hard in ages; I'm just glad I was able to share a bit of an American classic with them and have them like it. We're leaving in a few minutes to go to Target for their after-Christmas sale; the inlaws' idea, believe it or not. Craig's staying home with the kids. I haven't decided yet who has the better deal. ;)

I have *so* many dvd's to watch though. Between the two of us, Craig and I got 2 seasons of Angel, the 1st season of Arrested Development, and the 3rd season of 24, not to mention the Star Wars trilogy, the movies the kids got, and the dvd of Sunday in the Park with George that I've been dying for. A lot of the next month is going to be spent on our butts, I get a feeling. :)

Everyone have a nice Boxing Day! If you're going shopping, endure the crowds. If you're not, then endure the family. :)

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