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Why can't I sleep...

I think I had my quota yesterday of sleep because I just can't seem to do it right now. And that's not good because tomorrow is life as normal again. No Craig. Both kids home. Mommy mostly better. God help me.

Craig got my laptop back today and nothing he could do could break it again, so he actually brought it home with high hopes that it was all better this time. This machine has not had a good history, let me tell you. I got it last November---as part of a bonus from Craig's work---and immediately had problems with it. Next to no battery life, and major overheating issues. It got sent back last spring but the issues never really went away, just eased for a bit until they came back in full force. Now, it appears they have gone. The thing is so quiet, it's eerie. And they totally replaced the monitor and closing lid (it had developed a hairline fracture along one of the hinges---don't ask me how). So some time in the next few days, although it will probably happen this weekend, I'll move everything over from the old American laptop I've been using to mine. Back to my wallpaper of me and JM in Edinburgh. Back to my missing N. (OK, the key itself isn't actually missing, just the paint on it that tells me it's the N, which is really kind of funny because there isn't an N in "Spike," "Buffy," "cock," or "bloody hell.") Back to my bald patches under the keyboard where the lazy heels of my hands have worn away/tarnished the finish. Here's keeping fingers crossed that it doesn't break.

One good side effect to being so ill for two days? Losing 5 pounds without even having to try. :) Not a method I would recommend, but hey, I'm not going to argue with the result.

In an effort to try and refocus some of my energy on something that might someday pay me something---OK, anything---I went back and re-read the first three chapters on my novel, wondering if I should pick it up again or try something new. I still like it. Craig has some issues with it, though, which makes me wonder if I'm too close to it. I wish I was more sure. I think I'm going to work on it again, though. I like my male lead way too much not to; he makes me smile.

OK, off to try and sleep again. Maybe the third time's the trick...

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